FIGURE 5.3. Gal4-DBD-hybrid to assess intrinsic repressor activity of Freud-1.

FIGURE 5.3Gal4-DBD-hybrid to assess intrinsic repressor activity of Freud-1

To assess the intrinsic repressor activity of Freud-1, the indicated plasmids were constructed including Gal4-DBD (Gal vector), Gal4-Freud-1, or LexA (positive control) and were cotransfected with the X2G2P reporter construct containing two LexA and Gal4 sites upstream of SV40 promoter-luciferase in HEK 293 cells and luciferase activity measured in triplicate. Luciferase activity was corrected for transfection efficiency by cotransfection of pCMVβgal and normalized to the Gal vector. (Reproduced with permission from Lemonde, S., Rogaeva, A., and Albert, P.R., J Neurochem, 88[4], 857–868, 2004; see Figure 9.)

From: Chapter 5, Identification of Novel Transcriptional Regulators in the Nervous System

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