Table 8Coeliac screening

StudyPopulation testedTests usedGold standardAbnormal testsAlternative diagnosis
Sanders (2001)Rome II without “sinister symptoms” of weight loss, rectal bleeding, nocturnal diarrhoea or anaemia

(2ndary care)
IgA and IgG antiglandin, endomysial antibodyDuodenal biopsy66/300

All patients tested
14 Coeliac disease confirmed by biopsy, 1 positive serology but refused biopsy
Response to diet not reported
Sanders (2003)Primary care cross-sectional study, IBS diagnosis from Rom II (subgroup of whole cross-sectional cohort)IgG/IgA antiglandin and EMASmall bowel biopsy, and follow-up after dietPositive tests not reported for IBS subgroup

All patients tested
4/123 IBS patients had coeliac disease, all responded to diet

From: 6, Diagnosis

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