Table 6Stool tests

StudyPopulation testedTests usedGold standardAbnormal testsAlternative diagnosis
Hamm (1999)Rome criteria met for at least 6 months and without test in previous 3 months. Not all recent diagnosisFaecal ova and parasite testNone – ideally should report resolution of symptoms following treatment19/1154 (2%)

298 not tested
Enteric infection of unconfirmed clinical significance
Tolliver (1994)International Congress of Gastroenterology Symptom Criteria for IBS. Referred to secondary care without prior diagnosisOccult blood and parasitesOccult blood - structural evaluation
Parasites – none, should report resolution of symptoms following treatment
Occult blood 15/183 (13 not tested)

Parasites 0 /170 (26 not tested)
1 Hemorrhoids, 2 annal fissures, 1 melanosis coli

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