Table D.18Treatment pathway probabilities

Control with diet0.86Persson et al. (1985)172
Control with glibenclamide0.96Langer et al. (2000)74GDG member suggested that data from Southampton (their local practice) indicate a higher failure rate (23%).
Control with metformin0.96Assumed the same as for glibenclamide.
Hypoglycaemia on insulin therapy0.20Langer et al. (2000)74
Hypoglycaemia on insulin analogue0.20Assumed the same as for insulin.
Hypoglycaemia on glibenclamide0.02Langer et al. (2000)74
Hypoglycaemia on metformin0.02Assumed the same as for glibenclamide.
Severe hypoglycaemia requiring hospitalisation0.05GDG estimate

From: Appendix D, Cost-effectiveness of screening, diagnosis and treatment for gestational diabetes

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