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Bennett WL, Nicholson WK, Saldanha IJ, et al. Future Research Needs for the Management of Gestational Diabetes [Internet]. Rockville (MD): Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (US); 2010 Nov. (Future Research Needs Papers, No. 7.)

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Future Research Needs for the Management of Gestational Diabetes [Internet].

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Appendix HResults from Step 8 (Evaluation of Entire Process by External Stakeholders)

No.QuestionsExternal Stakeholder 1External Stakeholder 2External Stakeholder 3External Stakeholder 4External Stakeholder 5External Stakeholder 6External Stakeholder 7External Stakeholder 8External Stakeholder 9
1Did you have adequate information to effectively participate?YesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
2Which mode of participation would you have preferred?Web-based feedbackWeb-based feedbackWeb-based feedbackWeb-based feedback that allows users to save a partially completed survey and come back at another time. This must be possible because I have participated in other web-based surveys that allow this.Web-based feedbackWeb-based feedbackWeb-based feedbackWeb-based feedbackWeb-based feedback
3Looking at the final research questions, do you feel that we accomplished our objective?I thought you accomplished your objective. It was possible to start from an even broader base—for example, the importance of genomics for GDM or consideration of diagnostic criteria in the context of strain on existing resources. I suppose the drawback of that would have been that it would have been too broad and no consensus would have been reached.YesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
4Are there any final research questions that you would rephrase?Yes. The use of the term “accuracy” in comparing FBG and 2-hour OGTTs could be rephrased—FBGs will always be less sensitive and specific if OGTT is used as the gold standard. The only way to settle it is to make the criteria outcomes-based.NoYes. IV-1 and IV-2 are dependent on patient compliance even more than performance characteristics. The longer the test and the more distant from the delivery the poorer the compliance.NoNoNoYes. In research question I-4, the comparison is between other hypoglycemic drug classes to other hypoglycemic drugs. Perhaps this is clear to all except for me that drugs and drug classes are two different things.NoNo
5Was the composition of the local group of 6 stakeholders comprehensive? (i.e., was it adequate to include physicians(obstetricians and gynecologists), nutritionists/dietitians, epidemiologists/methodologists, and patient/consumer representatives?)YesNo. I suggest including endocrinologists who care for women with diabetes.YesYesYesYesNo. Why weren't nephrologists included? This seems like a specialty that is missing.I am unable to respond to this question.Yes
6Was the composition of the external group of 10 stakeholders comprehensive? (i.e., was it adequate to include physicians(obstetricians and gynecologists), nutritionists/dietitians, epidemiologists/methodologists, research funders, and patient/consumer representatives?)YesNo. As with the internal group, would have included endcrinologists who care for pregnant women with diabetes.YesNo. Diabetologist input would have been a good idea.YesYesNo. Again, where were the nephrologists? Perhaps they provide care at a more advanced stage and aren't involved with primary prevention.YesYes
7Could we have abbreviated our process in some way? (i.e., was it necessary to get feedback from the 2008 evidence report authors, local stakeholders, and external stakeholders?)NoNoNoYes. I'm not sure why a group of local stakeholders was necessary since the object of the process was nationally usable research questions. Perhaps it was used as a focus group, in which case the only reason for it to be local was convenience.NoNoNoNoNo
8Do you have any additional feedback on our process or on the final research questions?Yes. Nice job, obviously a lot of thought and hard work went into this.NoNoYes. Web-based instrument used should have allowed user to interrupt session and come back.NoYes. This process was very effective and efficient. Couldn't have been done better!!Yes. Was consensus achieved after 3 rounds? In your final report you might consider documenting which ones didn't reach consensus. These are potentially the most controversial or debated in the field.NoYes. I enjoyed being a part of this and it seems to be an efficient yet nicely thorough method for decision- making. Thank you for including me. My only "complaint" would be the limitations of the online tool: not being able to save and return, and not being able to see any subsequent questions until all previous questions were answered. Having a simple way to download or print out the surveys for offline work/thought would have been helpful.

Abbreviations: FBG=fasting blood glucose, GDM=gestational diabetes mellitus, OGTT=oral glucose tolerance test.

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