Cover of Redesigning the Clinical Effectiveness Research Paradigm

Redesigning the Clinical Effectiveness Research Paradigm

Innovation and Practice-Based Approaches: Workshop Summary

; Editors: LeighAnne Olsen and J Michael McGinnis.

Washington (DC): National Academies Press (US); .
ISBN-13: 978-0-309-11988-7ISBN-10: 0-309-11988-X
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The Institute of Medicine Roundtable on Value & Science-Driven Health Care’s vision for a learning healthcare system, in which evidence is applied and generated as a natural course of care, is premised on the development of a research capacity that is structured to provide timely and accurate evidence relevant to the clinical decisions faced by patients and providers. Convened in 2006, the Roundtable has considered key opportunities to transform how evidence is generated and applied to improve health and health care. Therefore, on December 12–13, 2007, as part of the Roundtable’s Learning Healthcare System series of workshops, clinical researchers, academics, and policy makers gathered for the workshop Redesigning the Clinical Effectiveness Research Paradigm: Innovation and Practice-Based Approaches. Participants explored cutting-edge research designs and methods and discussed strategies for development of a research paradigm to better accommodate the diverse array of emerging data resources, study designs, tools, and techniques. Presentations and discussions are summarized in this volume.