TABLE 2-5Hazard Ratios and 95 Percent Confidence Intervals for CHD Outcomes in the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) Estrogen-Alone Trial, According to Age

OutcomeWHI Estrogen–Alone Trial:
Detailed CHD Results According to Age at Randomization
MI or CHD death (N = 418)0.63 (0.36–1.08)0.94 (0.71–1.24)1.11 (0.82–1.52)
CABG or PCI (N = 529)0.55 (0.35–0.86)0.99 (0.78–1.27)1.04 (0.78–1.39)
Composite MI/CABG/PCI (N = 728)0.66 (0.44–0.97)1.02 (0.83–1.25)1.08 (0.85–1.38)

NOTES: CABG = coronary artery bypass grafting; MI = myocardial infarction;. PCI = percutaneous coronary intervention.

SOURCE: Derived from Hsia, J., R. D. Langer, J. E. Manson, et al. 2006. Conjugated equine estrogens and the risk of coronary heart disease: The Women’s Health Initiative. Archives of Internal Medicine 166:357–365.

From: 2, Cases in Point: Learning from Experience

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