TABLE 4-8Sodium Content of Dairy Foods

Dairy FoodRACC AverageAverage Sodium Content (mg/RACC)Average Sodium Content (mg/100 g)
Whole milk240 mL ≈ 240 g9439
Skim milk240 mL ≈ 240 g10142
Yogurt225 g13560
American cheese30 g4521,505
Cheddar cheese30 g190632
Butter1 T ≈ 14 g81576
Vanilla ice cream½c ≈ 70 g5274
Chocolate pudding½ c ≈ 113 g349309

NOTE: c = cup; g = gram; mg = milligrams; mL = milliliter; RACC = reference amount customarily consumed; T = tablespoon.

SOURCES: 21 CFR 101.12; FDA, 2007.

From: 4, Preservation and Physical Property Roles of Sodium in Foods

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