TABLE 2-1Summary of Public Health Recommendations, Initiatives, and Actions That Address Sodium Intake in the United States, 1969–Present

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NOTES: This table serves only as a snapshot of activity since 1969. See Appendix B for a comprehensive listing of the public health recommendations, initiatives, and actions summarized in this table, as well as a listing of references. A = action; ADA = American Dietetic Association; AHA = American Heart Association; AICR/WCRF = American Institute for Cancer Research/World Cancer Research Fund; AMA = American Medical Association; APHA = American Public Health Association; CDC = Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; FDA = Food and Drug Administration; Gov’t = Government; HHS = U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; I = initiative; (m) = indicates multiple activities were undertaken during that year; NHLBI = National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute; NRC/IOM = National Research Council/Institute of Medicine; R = recommendation; USDA = U.S. Department of Agriculture; WASH = World Action on Salt and Health; WHL = World Hypertension League; WHO = World Health Organization.


Final rules under the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act (1990) commenced in 1993 and continued through 2005. The most recent rule (2005) was issued as a result of comments from stakeholders urging FDA to reconsider the strict sodium requirements for foods and meal and main dish items for “healthy” foods.


The Congressional Omnibus Appropriations Act (2009) included language compelling CDC to work with food manufacturers and chain restaurants to reduce sodium content; CDC is in the process of responding to this charge.


World Salt Awareness Week occurs annually.


World Hypertension Day occurs annually.

From: 2, Sodium Intake Reduction: An Important But Elusive Public Health Goal

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