TABLE F-1Mean 1-Day Sodium Intake by Dietary Source by Age or Gender for Persons 2 or More Years of Age

Mean Intake (mg/d)
nFoodaSETable SaltbSETap WaterSESupplementsSEAll SourcesSE
All Ages 2+ Yrs16,8223,40713.81781.4270.320.23,61414.1
 2–3 yrs9212,20131.4281.990.410.12,23931.4
 4–8 yrs1,6802,79529.6491.7120.410.12,85729.8
 9–13 yrs1,0093,51348.9932.6170.700.13,62448.9
 14–18 yrs1,3514,33965.61052.3271.040.74,47465.9
 19–30 yrs1,0974,49064.22175.8321.322.24,74165.1
 31–50 yrs1,4394,44855.42375.5321.110.24,71956.0
 51–70 yrs1,2153,73850.42306.0281.020.33,99951.1
 > 70 yrs8083,00047.01897.1251.030.53,21748.5
 9–13 yrs1,0393,01943.9852.5160.610.13,12144.1
 14–18 yrs1,2502,98042.01122.4200.810.23,11342.1
 19–30 yrs9143,06246.62076.2291.210.23,29847.8
 31–50 yrs1,3503,02140.42155.4311.110.23,26841.3
 51–70 yrs1,2512,77335.81975.5321.030.33,00536.5
 > 70 yrs7872,39738.31275.5261.041.02,55439.1
Pregnant and lactating femalesd7113,46555.22206.9241.410.23,71055.4
Pregnant females6233,54162.22017.1221.410.23,76563.1
Lactating females993,236121.827019.4284.300.13,534119.0

NOTES: d = day; mg = milligram; n = unweighted sample size; SE = standard error.


Includes salt added in food preparation and cooking.


Salt added by the consumer at the table.


Excludes pregnant and lactating females (shown separately).


Includes 11 females who were pregnant and lactating.

SOURCE: NHANES 2003–2006.

From: Appendix F, Sodium Intake Tables

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