Table 8Comparison of prior art and current probe

Antagonist NameJDTicNorBNI - NorbinaltorphimineBNI - BinaltorphimineGNTI – Guanidinyl- naltrindole di- trifluoroacetateNot Applicable
Chemical Structure
Image ml140fu35.jpg
Image ml140fu36.jpg
Image ml140fu37.jpg
Image ml140fu38.jpg
Image ml140fu39.jpg
Ki KOR (nM)
Ki MOR (nM)2.1 (202X)16.7 (417X)1.26 (9X)36.9 (923X)>32,000 (> 40X)
Ki DOR (nM)300 (15,000X)10.2 (255X)5.81 (42X)70 (17500X)>32,000 (> 40X)
PubChem CIDCID9956146CID5480230CID5484197CID9853099CID3342390
PubChem SIDs:SID-46052753; SID-24225384; SID-14931787SID-50104378; SID-49963059; SID-47959969; SID-47810970; SID-26751686; SID-14937121; SID-14912769; SID-11693572; SID-7980165; SID-841865SID-24600619; SID-51940254; SID-14863933; SID-669631SID-14815182; SID-17405121; SID-50106355; SID-53777665; SID-24278454SID-87544125
PMID114955799857089283966410822054Not applicable

From: Selective KOP Receptor Antagonists: Probe 1

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