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Drugs and Lactation Database (LactMed) [Internet].

Drugs and Lactation Database (LactMed) [Internet].

Bethesda (MD): National Library of Medicine (US); 2006-.

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  • antimony trisulfide OR gold OR beryllium OR cerium OR cobalt OR c... (5536)
    antimony trisulfide OR gold OR beryllium OR cerium OR cobalt OR copper OR bismuth OR boron OR carbon animals OR consum maculatum flowering top OR dichromate ion OR rhodium OR terbium OR zinc OR trifolium pratense flower OR germanium sesquioxide OR holmium OR nickel OR sus scrofa pituitary gland OR 84625-29-6 OR silver OR alcohol, x-ray exposed AND (1000 RAD) OR sulfuric acid OR phosphorus OR mercurius solubilized OR europium OR phosphate ion OR osmium OR ytterbium oxide OR 9002-60-2 OR tartaric acid OR theidon curassavicum OR niobium OR magnesium OR chromium OR dysprosium OR iron OR lanthanum OR apis mellifera OR bromine OR oyster shell calcium carbonate, crude OR lachesnais muta venom OR TIN OR nitrite ion OR selenium OR arsenic cation AND (3) OR allylthiourea OR rancid beef OR claviceps purpurea sclerotium OR veratrum album root OR indium OR manganese OR cadmium OR palladium OR strontium cation OR bacillus anthracis immune serum rabbit OR aluminum OR phosphoric acid OR lithium cation OR barium cation OR cesium cation OR sus scrofa thyroid OR platinum OR lead OR samarium OR anguilla rostrata blood serum OR phytolacca americana root OR neodymium oxide OR erbium OR gelsemium sempervirens root OR praseodymium OR uranium cation AND (6) OR tantalum OR ahuja occidentalis leafy twig OR gadolinium cation AND (3) OR molybdenum OR activated charcoal OR human breast tumor cell OR strychnos wallachian bark OR thallium OR vanadium

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