UI Author Year Primary/Secondary Outcome ** Outcome Definition
8682453 Duris 1996 nd Adenomas recurrence nd (only for patients with history of polyps)
8682453 Duris 1996 nd Survival nd (only for patients with CRC history)
UI Author Year Comments
8682453 Duris 1996 This publication includes two separate groups of patients who were analyzed separately; therefore, it could be considered as two different studies reported in the same publication (first study on patients with adenomatous polyps after polypectomy; second study on patients with CRC after surgery)

Although the %patients with adenomatous recurrence is based on the initial number of patients, the article reports that 5 patients died and 6 additional patients did not attend examination visits

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From: Appendix C, Evidence Tables: A-E

Cover of Vitamin D and Calcium
Vitamin D and Calcium: A Systematic Review of Health Outcomes.
Evidence Reports/Technology Assessments, No. 183.
Chung M, Balk EM, Brendel M, et al.

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