Table 1Summary of proposals for the phased evaluation of medical tests

Loo 19786Zwe 198223Guy 198617Fre 198715Kob 199020Fry 19914Ken 19929Tay 199316Sil 199412Sch 199518Mac 199510Pea 199913Hou 200021Gat 200022Sac 200224Had 200314Pep 200525Tau 200526Bru 200719
Technical efficacy1111111–31111111–31–21
 Intended use232
Diagnostic accuracy3222241222244–63
 Usual range/subgroups23211–2
 Clinical population343237
Diagnostic-thinking efficacy14332433
Therapeutic efficacy254434433–4
Patient outcome efficacy363555545543–44354
Societal efficacy4656545

For each reference, we show the first three letters of the first author’s name, the publication date, and its number in the list of references at the end of this paper.

From: Proposals for a Phased Evaluation of Medical Tests

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