Table 4.2Details of included studies of caseload midwifery model

TrialDescription of caseload midwifery practiceRoutine antenatal visits by doctorSetting for intrapartum careSystem for maternal transfer to obstetric teamMaternal transfer to obstetric team in midwife-managed groupRestriction of medication and technologyPostnatal visits at home by caseload midwives*Control group
Turnbull et al. (1996)110
Named midwife responsible for woman’s care from booking until discharge to health visitor. Back-up by associate midwife if not available. Implemented within a new midwifery development unitNo.
Referred to obstetrician as necessary
Birthing room in midwifery development unit (alongside)Not describedOverall – 32.8% (permanently transferred)NoYesShared care provided by GP, a variety of midwives and obstetricians based in antenatal clinic, delivery suite and postnatal ward with community midwives providing postnatal care at home
North Staffordshire Changing Childbirth Research Team (2000)97
One GP-attached community midwife with a caseload of 35–40 women. Caseload midwives worked in pairs or threes to provide 24 hour coverScheduled in to the shared care systemTraditional hospital setting, but caseload midwives did provide home assessment for women in early labourNot describedNot reportedNoYesCommunity midwives part of team providing shared care to women alongside the woman’s GP and hospital-based obstetricians and midwives

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