Table 3.10Other factors indicating individual assessment when planning place of birth

FactorAdditional information
Previous complicationsStillbirth/neonatal death with a known non-recurrent cause
Pre-eclampsia developing at term
Placental abruption with good outcome
History of previous baby more than 4.5 kg
Extensive vaginal, cervical, or third- or fourth-degree perineal trauma
Previous term baby with jaundice requiring exchange transfusion
Current pregnancyAntepartum bleeding of unknown origin (single episode after 24 weeks of gestation)
Body mass index at booking of 30–34 kg/m²
Blood pressure of 140 mmHg systolic or 90 mmHg diastolic on two occasions
Clinical or ultrasound suspicion of macrosomia
Para 6 or more
Recreational drug use
Under current outpatient psychiatric care
Age over 40 at booking
Fetal indicationsFetal abnormality
Previous gynaecological historyMajor gynaecological surgery
Cone biopsy or large loop excision of the transformation zone

From: 2, Summary of recommendations and care pathway

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