Figure 2. A three phase model for Müllerian duct development.

Figure 2

A three phase model for Müllerian duct development. In the first phase, cells of the coelomic epithelium are specified to become Müllerian duct cells A. After specification the second phase begins and these cells invaginate caudally towards the Wolffian duct B. Once the Müllerian duct comes into contact with the Wolffian duct, the third phase begins C and the Müllerian duct elongates caudally, following the path of the Wolffian duct, towards the urogenital sinus. Blue cells; mesoepithelial Müllerian duct cells, red cells; proliferating Müllerian duct precursor cells, brown cells; coelomic epithelial cells, yellow cells; Wolffian epithelial cells. ce; coelomic epithelium, md; Müllerian duct, wd, Wolffian duct.; Orvis and Behringer, Dev Biol 2007, p. 21.

From: Sex differentiation in mouse and man and subsequent development of the female reproductive organs

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