Table 61.3A comparison of proteins encoded by the human and marmoset lymphocryptoviruses

Marmoset LCV % aa similarity to EBV Function Positional homologue in EBV
C1 Unique gene (Transforming gene) LMP-1
C2 Unique gene BILF2
C3 Unique gene EBNA-3
C4 Unique gene BHLF1
C5 Unique gene EBNA-2
C6 Unique gene none
C7 Unique gene LMP-2
ORF39 (EBNA-1) 36.0 Episomal maintenance EBNA-1
ORF 64 (BHRF1) 20.5 Bcl-2 homologue BHRF1
ORF 1 (BALF1) 27.6 Bcl-2 homologue BALF1
ORF 43 (BZLF1) 29.0 Transcription factor BZLF1
ORF 42 (BRLF1) 39.0 Transcription factor BRLF1
ORF 5 (BALF5) 73.5 DNA polymerase BALF5

From: Chapter 61, EBV and KSHV – related herpesviruses in non-human primates

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