Fig. 61.2. Phylogenetic analysis of the gammaherpesviruses.

Fig. 61.2

Phylogenetic analysis of the gammaherpesviruses. Forty-four DNA polymerase nucleotide sequences (400bp) were aligned using the Clustal W matrix and edited in GeneDoc (v.2.6) to remove gaps. The tree was rooted using the New World Rhadinoviruses, HVS and HVA3 as the Outgroup. The Neighbor-Joining tree was constructed in Mega 2.1 from pairwise sequence distances calculated using the Kimura 2-parameter (K80) method. Bootstrap values were determined by 100 replica samplings. Sequences included in the phylogenetic analysis: KSHV (U75698); PanRHV1a (Pan troglodytes, AF250879); GorRHV1 (Gorilla gorilla, AF250886); PanRHV1b (Pan troglodytes, AF250882); RFHVMm (Macaca mulatta, AF005479); MndRHV1 (Mandrillus sphinx, AF282943); ChRV1 (Chlorocebus aethiops, AJ251573); RRV17577 (Macaca mulatta, AF083501); RRV26-95 (AF029302); MGVMm (Macaca mulatta, AF159033); MGVMf (Macaca fascicularis, AF159032); MGVMn (Macaca nemestrina, AF159031); MneRV2 (Macaca nemestrina, AF204167); PapRV2 (Papio anubis, AY270026); MndRHV2 (Mandrillus sphinx, AF282939); ChRV2 (Chlorocebus aethiops, AJ251574); PanRHV2 (Pan troglodytes, AF346490); PtroLCV1 (Pan troglodytes, AF534226); PpanLCV1 (Pan paniscus, AF534220); GgorLCV1 (Gorilla gorilla, AF534225); EBV-B95.8 (V01555); CgueLCV1 (Colobus guereza, AF534219); MsphLCV1 (Mandrillus sphinx, AF534227); MsphLCV2 (Mandrillus sphinx, AY174066); PhamLCV2 (Papio hamadryas, AF534229); MsylLCV1 (Macaca sylvanus, AY172956); MsilLCV1 (Macaca silenus, AF534222); MfasLCV1 (Macaca fascicularis, AF534221); MfusLCV1 (Macaca fuscata, AF534224); CercHV-15 (Cercopithicine, AY037858); PpygLCV1 (Pongo pygamaeus, AY129398); GgorLCV2 (Gorilla gorilla, AY129395); HleuLCV1 (Hylobates leucogenys, AY174068); SsciLCV2 (Saimiri sciureus, AY139024); CalbLCV1 (Cebus albifrons, AY139027); SsciLCV1 (Saimiri sciureus, AY172953); ApanLCV1 (Ateles paniscus, AY139028); PpitLCV1 (Pithecia pithecia, AY139025); SmidLCV1 (AY166693); CalHV-3 (Cercopithicine, AY049065); CpenLCV1 (Callithrix penicillata, AY139026); HVS (Saimiri, M31122); HVA3 (Ateline, AF083424). We thank R. K. Bagni and D. Whitby for help with the construction of the phylogenetic tree.

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