Table 19.1HCMV genes required for oriLyt-dependent DNA replication

HCMV genes HHV6 genes Proposed function
UL44 U27 Polymerase accessory protein
UL54 U38 Polymerase
UL57 U41 Single-stranded DNA binding protein
UL70 U43 Primase
UL84 Early protein with UTPase and nucleic and binding activity
UL102 U74 Primase-associated factor
UL105 U77 Helicase
IE2 Transactivator; along with UL84 activates oriLyt promoter
UL36–38 Auxiliary functions
UL112–113 Auxiliary functions
IRS1/TRS1 Auxiliary functions

From: Chapter 19, DNA synthesis and late viral gene expression

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