Fig. 60.1. Genome structure of selected rhadinoviruses.

Fig. 60.1

Genome structure of selected rhadinoviruses. The genome structures of the rhadinoviruses KSHV/HHV-8 (Russo et al., 1996; Neipel et al., 1997), rhesus rhadinovirus (RRV; Alexander et al., 2000; Searles et al., 1999), herpesvirus saimiri (HVS; Albrecht et al., 1992a; Ensser et al., 2003), herpesvirus ateles (HVA; Albrecht, 2000), murine herpesvirus 68 (MHV-68; Virgin et al., 1997) are shown with special respect to variable areas harboring non-conserved genes or genes with homology to cellular counterparts (white boxes). Conserved genomic regions of virus genes with typical herpesvirus functions are shown in black. Abbreviations are: bZIP, basic-leucine zipper protein. CCPH, complement control protein homologue. DHFR, dihydrofolate reductase. FGARAT, formylglycineamide ribotide amidotransferase. FLIP, FLICE inhibitory protein. gp, glycoprotein. GPCR, G-protein coupled receptor. HSUR or HAUR, HVS or HVA-encoded URNA. IRF, interferon regulatory factor. MIP, macrophage-inflammatory protein. SAg, superantigen homologue. Stp, saimiri transformation-associated protein. Tio, two-in-one-protein. Tip, tyrosine kinase-interacting protein. TS, thymidylate synthase.

From: Chapter 60, Gammaherpesviruses of New World primates

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