Fig. 7.2. Scanning electron micrographs of HSV -1 and VZV.

Fig. 7.2

Scanning electron micrographs of HSV -1 and VZV. Images of both viruses were taken by SEM after infection of cultured cells. HSV -1 virions have a more uniform appearance although indentations are seen in an occasional virion envelope (a). In contrast, VZV virions are more aberrant (b). Several of the virions have indentations, while other virions have incomplete envelopes. Since both viruses were examined under the same SEM conditions, it is unlikely that the aberrant nature of the VZV envelope is due to fixation artifacts. Micrographs kindly provided by Dr. Charles Grose.

From: Chapter 7, Entry of alphaherpesviruses into the cell

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