PubChemBioAssay NameAIDsProbe TypeAssay TypeAssay FormatAssay Detection & wellformat
uHTS absorbance assay for the identification of compounds that inhibit PHOSPHO1.1565InhibitorPrimarybiochemicalAbsorbance (@620 nm, BIOMOL)1536
SAR assay for compounds that inhibit PHOSPHO11666InhibitorSARbiochemicalAbsorbance at 630 nm, 384
Anti-target in Vitro TNAP Dose Response Luminescent Assay for SAR Study1056InhibitorAnti-target CounterscnbiochemicalLuminescence, 384
Counter screen SAR assay for PMM2 inhibitors via a fluorescence intensity assay1655InhibitorSecondary Assay for specificitybiochemicalFluorescence 384
Confirmation of compounds inhibiting phosphomannoseisomerase (PMI) via a fluorescence intensity assay1535InhibitorSecondary Assay for specificitybiochemicalFluorescence 384

From: The Role of PHOSPHO1 in the Initiation of Skeletal Calcification

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