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Carson S, McDonagh MS, Thakurta S, et al. Drug Class Review: Newer Drugs for Insomnia: Final Report Update 2 [Internet]. Portland (OR): Oregon Health & Science University; 2008 Oct.

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Drug Class Review: Newer Drugs for Insomnia: Final Report Update 2 [Internet].

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Appendix D. Summary of results of trials comparing newer insomnia drugs compared with benzodiazepines

(No new trials were identified for Update #2)

ComparisonKQ outcomeaHypnoticFindingBenzodiazepine(No. of Studies) Citationsb
Zaleplon compared with triazolam
Effectiveness outcomesZaleplon 5, 10 mg=,=Triazolam 0.25 mg(2)1, 2
Effectiveness outcomesZaleplon 20 mgTriazolam 0.25 mg(1)2
Effectiveness outcomesZaleplon 40–60 mgMixedTriazolam 0.25 mg(1)2
Safety outcomesZaleplon 5, 10 mg=Triazolam 0.25 mg(1)1
NauseaZaleplon 5 mg>Triazolam 0.25 mg(1)1
Zolpidem compared with flurazepam
Effectiveness outcomesZolpidem 10, 20 mg>Flurazepam 30 mg(1)3
Safety outcomesZolpidem 10 mg=Flurazepam 30 mg(1)3
Safety outcomesZolpidem 20 mg<Flurazepam 30 mg(1)3
Zolpidem compared with temazepam
Effectiveness outcomesZolpidem 5 mg=Temazepam 15 mg(1)4
Effectiveness outcomesZolpidem 10 mg=Temazepam 20 mg(1)5
Less reboundZolpidem 10 mg=Temazepam 20 mg(1)5
Zolpidem compared with trazodone
Effectiveness outcomesZolpidem 10 mg=Trazodone 50 mg(1)6
Zolpidem compared with triazolam
Effectiveness outcomesZolpidem 5 mg>Triazolam 0.125 mg(1)4
Effectiveness outcomesZolpidem 10 mg=,=Triazolam 0.25 mg(2)7, 8
Effectiveness outcomesZolpidem 10 mg>Triazolam 0.5 mg(1)9
Less reboundZolpidem 5 mg>Triazolam 0.25 mg(1)7
Less reboundZolpidem 10 mg,>Triazolam 0.25 mg(2)7, 8
Less reboundZolpidem 10 mg>Triazolam 0.5 mg(1)9
Zopiclone compared with flurazepam
Effectiveness outcomesZopiclone 3.75 mg=Flurazepam 30 mg(1)10
Effectiveness outcomesZopiclone 7.5 mg=,,=Flurazepam 30 mg(3)10–12
Effectiveness outcomesZopiclone 11.5 mg=,Flurazepam 30 mg(2)10, 11
Effectiveness outcomesZopiclone 15 mg=Flurazepam 30 mg(1)10
Safety outcomesZopiclone 7.5 mg=,=Flurazepam 30 mg(1)13, 14
Less reboundZopiclone 7.5 mgFlurazepam 30 mg(1)12
Zopiclone compared with nitrazepam
Effectiveness outcomesZopiclone 7.5 mg=,=Nitrazepam 5 mg(2)15, 16
Daytime alertnessZopiclone 7.5 mg>,Nitrazepam 5 mg(2)15, 16
Safety outcomesZopiclone 7.5 mg=Nitrazepam 5 mg(1)15
Zopiclone compared with temazepam
Effectiveness outcomesZopiclone 7.5 mg=,=,=Temazepam 20, 30 mg(3)17–19
Safety outcomesZopiclone 7.5 mg=Temazepam 20 mg(1)17
Zopiclone compared with triazolam
Effectiveness outcomesZopiclone 7.5 mg=,=,=Triazolam 0.25 mg(3)20–22
Safety outcomesZopiclone 7.5 mg=Triazolam 0.25 mg(1)20
Less reboundZopiclone 7.5 mg>,Triazolam 0.25 mg(2)21, 23

≥, some outcomes showed a preference for the newer sedative hypnotic and others were equivalent;

≤, some outcomes showed a preference for the benzodiazepine and others were equivalent;

>, all outcomes (or the majority of outcomes) showed a preference for the newer sedative hypnotic;

<, all outcomes (or the majority of outcomes) showed a preference for the benzodiazepine;

=, all outcomes (or the majority of outcomes) showed no difference between the benzodiazepine and the newer sedative hypnotic;

Mixed, some outcomes showed a preference for the newer sedative hypnotic and others showed a preference for the benzodiazepine.


Efficacy outcomes of individual studies were Sleep Duration, length of sleep, total sleep time; Sleep Quality, sleep efficiency, number of awakenings, Night awakenings, wake time after sleep onset, Daytime alertness, status of work, drowsiness, quality of morning awakening, morning state, feelings on awakenings, daytime well-being, Mental alertness on rising, morning sleepiness, morning alertness, Sleep latency, rapidity of sleep onset, sleep induction, sleep onset duration, Delay in falling sleep, latency to persistent sleep, Safety outcomes in individual studies were overall adverse events, side effects, and safety. Rebound insomnia: Rebound, withdrawal effects


See Evidence Tables 4 through 9 for details of the population, interventions, and outcomes of these studies.


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