Evidence Table 8

Quality assessments of the radiation controlled-clinical trials

Internal Validity
Randomization adequate?Allocation concealment adequate?Groups similar at baseline?Eligibility criteria specified?Outcome assessors masked?Care provider masked?Patient masked?Reporting of attrition, crossovers, adherence, and contaminationLoss to follow-up:
Intention-to-treat (ITT) analysis;
If No: % analyzed
Post-randomization exclusionsQuality RatingFunding
Comparative trials
Spitzer 2000YesNRYesYesYes, NR, NR, NR
Placebo-controlled trials
Bey 1996NRNRYesYesNot reportedYesYesYes, NR, NR, NRNoneYesNoFairHoechst Marion Roussel
Franzen 1996YesNRYes for radiotherapy regimens; unknown for other demographic/prognostic factors because they were NRYesNot reportedYesYesYes, NR, NR, NRNoneNo; 98.2%NoFairGlaxo Wellcome
Placebo-controlled trials, cont.
Lanciano 2001NRNRNo; various differences in radiation treatmentYesNot reportedYesYesYes, NR, NR, NRNoneNo; 97.6%NoFairNR, 4th author from SmithKline Beecham
LeBourgeois 1999Unclear; “block balanced”NRUnclear; only provided baseline characteristics for 415 (27.8%) patients that received study medicationYesNot reportedYesYesYes, NR, NR, NRNoneNo; 99%NoFairGlaxo Wellcome
Spitzer 1994NRYesYesYesNot reportedYesYesYes, NR, NR, NRNoneYesNoFairGlaxo, Inc.
Tiley and Powles
NRYesNo, placebo group older (32.5 vs 23)YesNot reportedYesYesNR, NR, NR, NRNRYesNRFairNR
Active-controlled trials
Prentice 1995NRNRYesYesNot reportedYesYesNR, NR, NR, NRNRYesNoFairSmithKline Beecham
Sykes 1997NRNRNR; baseline characteristics were not presented or discussedYesNot reportedYesYesNR, NR, NR, NRNRUnknown, no information about number of patients analyzedUnknownPoorGlaxo Laboratories, Inc.
Priestman 1990
Priestman 1989
NRNRYesYesNot reportedYesYesYes, NR, NR, NRNoneNo, 84.5%NoFairNR, 5th author from Glaxo
Group Research Limited
Priestman 1993NRNRYesYesNot reportedYesYesYes, NR, NR, NRNoneYesNoFairNR, 3rd author from Glaxo
Group Research Limited

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