GDG members
Martin RichardsonConsultant Paediatrician, GDG Chair
Richard BowkerPaediatric Specialist Registrar
James CaveGeneral Practitioner
Jean ChallinerAssociate Medical Director – NHS Direct
Sharon ConroyPaediatric Clinical Pharmacist
John CrimminsGeneral Practitioner
Annette DearnumChildren’s Nursing Practitioner (deputy of Jane Houghton for 2 months)
Jennifer ElliottPatient/Carer Representative
Jane HoughtonNurse Consultant in Paediatric Ambulatory Care
Edward PurssellLecturer in Children’s Nursing
Andrew RiordanConsultant in Paediatric Infectious Diseases and Immunology
Peter RuddConsultant Paediatrician
Ben StanhopeConsultant in Paediatric Emergency Medicine
Bridie TaylorPatient Representative (attending meetings till February 2006)

From: Guideline Development Group membership and acknowledgements

Cover of Feverish Illness in Children
Feverish Illness in Children: Assessment and Initial Management in Children Younger than 5 Years.
NICE Clinical Guidelines, No. 47.
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