Table 8-3Techniques for Bone Mass Measurement

TechniqueSkeletal sites that can be measuredTime to measureRadiation exposure (μSv)
DXALumbar spine (PA view)
Lumbar spine (lateral view)
Proximal femur (hip)
Forearm Total body
5–10 minutes1–7
pDXAForearm, heel< 5 minutes<1
pQCTForearm< 5 minutes<1
QCTLumbar spine5–10 minutes50–60
QUSHeel, forearm, finger, tibia< 5 minutesnone
RadiogrammetryFinger< 5 minutes< 1
RAFinger< 5 minutes< 1
SXAForearm, heel< 5 minutes1

Abbreviations: μSv, microsieverts; DXA, dual x ray absorptiometry; pDXA, peripheral dual x ray absorptiometry; pQCT, peripheral quantitative computed tomography; QCT, quantitative computed tomography; QUS, quantitative ultrasound; RA, radiographic absorptiometry; SXA, single x ray absorptiometry.

From: 8, Assessing the Risk of Bone Disease and Fracture

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