TABLE 7.6Evaluating Clinician Perceptions

Were attending/consulting clinicians satisfied with the telemedicine application compared to the alternative(s)?
How did attending/consulting clinicians rate their comfort with telemedicine equipment and procedures?
How did attending/consulting clinicians rate the convenience of telemedicine in terms of scheduling, physical arrangements, and location?
How did attending/consulting clinicians rate the timeliness of consultation results?
How did attending/consulting clinicians rate the technical quality of the service?
How did attending/consulting clinicians rate the quality of communications with patients?
Were attending/consulting clinicians concerned about maintaining the confidentiality of personal medical information and protecting patients' privacy?
Did attending/consulting clinicians believe the application made a positive contribution to patient care?
Would the clinicians be willing to use the telemedicine services again?
Overall, how satisfied were the attending/consulting clinicians with the telemedicine service?

NOTE: Each question assumes that analysis of results will control for or take into account severity of illness, comorbidities, demographic characteristics, and other relevant factors.

From: 7, Evaluating the Effects of Telemedicine on Quality, Access, and Cost

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