Table 13IMRT vs. 3DCRT: Summary data, oropharyngeal cancer

StudySettingOutcomenUnivariate p valueMultivariable p valueStudy designInitial groups comparable?Treatments in same time period?Well-done multivariable analysis?Study quality rating
Rusthoven et al. 2008[83]Primary RT + concurrent chemotherapyXerostomia876/12/18 mos., ≥ Gr 2, Δ−38/Δ−79/Δ−87, <.001RetrospectiveNo?Not donePoor
Hodge et al. 2007[71]Primary RT ± concurrent chemotherapyXerostomia195Late, Gr mod, Δ−7, NSRetrospectiveYesYes/NoNot donePoor
Rades et al. 2007[81]Postoperative RT ± concurrent chemotherapyXerostomia44Late, Gr 2–3, Δ−56, .037RetrospectiveYesUnclearNot donePoor
Nutting et al. 2009[88]Primary or postoperative IMRT ± preRT chemotherapyXerostomia84Acute, Gr ≥ 2, Δ−20, .02
3/6/12/18 mos., Gr > 2, Δ−21/Δ−26/Δ−35/Δ−42, ≤.05
ProspectiveYesYesNot applicableGood
Nutting et al. 2009[88]Dysphagia84Acute, Gr ≥ 2, Δ−11, .05
Late, Gr ≥ 2, Δ−+7, NS
Not applicable
Rusthoven et al. 2008[83]Mucositis87Acute, ≥ Gr 3, Δ+3, p NRNot done
Hodge et al. 2007[71]Mucositis195Acute, Gr 3, Δ−17, NSNot done
Rades et al. 2007[81]Mucositis44Acute, Gr 2–3, Δ−4, p NRNot done
Nutting et al. 2009[88]Mucositis84Acute, Gr ≥ 2, Δ−7, 0.18
Late, Gr ≥ 2, Δ+8, NS
Not applicable
Rusthoven et al. 2008[83]Skin toxicity87Acute, ≥ Gr 3, Δ−18, .002Not done
Rades et al. 2007[81]Skin toxicity44Acute, Gr 2–3, Δ+5, p NR
Late, Gr 2–3, Δ−5, p NR
Not done
Nutting et al. 2009[88]Skin toxicity84Acute, Gr ≥ 2, Δ --17, .02
Late, Gr ≥ 2, Δ −7, NS
Not applicable
Nutting et al. 2009[88]Osteoradionecrosis or bone toxicity84Late, Gr ≥ 2, Δ −+1, NS
Rades et al. 2007[81]Local control442 yr. Δ+10, NSNSUnclear
Rusthoven et al. 2008[83]Locoregional control874 yr. Δ+15, NS.075Unclear
Hodge et al. 2007[71]Locoregional control1954 yr. Δ+18, p NRNot done
Nutting et al. 2009[88]Locoregional control841 yr. Δ −0.7, NSNot applicable
Rusthoven et al. 2008[83]Disease-free survival874 yr. Δ+18, NSNSUnclear
Hodge et al. 2007[71]Disease-free survival1954 yr. Δ+14, p NRNot done
Rusthoven et al. 2008[83]Overall survival874 yr. Δ+17, NSNSUnclear
Hodge et al. 2007[71]Overall survival1954 yr. Δ+7, .02NSUnclear
Rades et al. 2007[81]Overall survival442 yr. Δ+6, NSNSUnclear
Nutting et al. 2009[88]Overall survival841 yr. Δ+2.8, NSNot applicable

Abbreviations: Δ: change; Gr: grade; NR: not reported; NS: not significant; RT: radiotherapy; yr: year;

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Comparative Effectiveness and Safety of Radiotherapy Treatments for Head and Neck Cancer [Internet].
Comparative Effectiveness Reviews, No. 20.
Samson DJ, Ratko TA, Rothenberg BM, et al.

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