1exp Hormone Replacement Therapy/
2exp Estrogens/ad, ae, ct, tu, to
3exp Estradiol Congeners/ad, ae, ct, tu, to
4(replac$ adj5 (estrogen$ or hormon$)).mp.
51 or 2 or 3 or 4
6exp Osteoporosis/
7exp Bone Density/
8exp Fractures, Bone/
106 or 7 or 8 or 9
115 and 10
12limit 11 to humans
13limit 12 to english language
14limit 12 to abstracts
1513 or 14
16randomized controlled trial.mp. or exp Randomized Controlled Trial/
17randomized controlled trial.pt.
18controlled clinical trial.mp. or exp Controlled Clinical Trial/
19controlled clinical trial.pt.
20clinical trial.mp. or exp Clinical Trial/
21clinical trial.pt.
23limit 22 to humans
2415 and 23

From: Appendix B, Detailed Methods

Cover of Screening for Osteoporosis
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