TABLE 1Genetic Discrimination and Privacy Legislation in the 105th Congress1

Medical Information Privacy
 H.R.52 (Condit)2
 H.R.1815 (McDermott)
 S. 1368 (Leahy)
Use and Disclosure of Genetic Information
 H.R.306 (Slaughter)/S.89(Snowe)
 H.R.328 (Solomon)
 H.R.2275 (Lowey)/S.1045 (Daschle)
 H.R.2215 (Kennedy)
 H.R.314 (Stearns)
 H.R.2198 (Stearns)
 H.R.2216 (Kennedy)
 S.422 (Domenici)

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H.R., House of Representatives. S., Senate.

From: What, if Anything, Should the Federal Government Do?

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