BOX 1-1Guiding Questions for Setting Up a Translational Research Program

  • Has the community congregated around a common set of hypotheses or mechanisms?
  • Is there a short list of high potential targets?
  • Are successful, functional, and predictable animal models in place?
  • Are there tissue banks and shared resources?
  • Do biomarkers exist?
  • Do clinical trial resources exist?
  • How advanced is diagnosis? (For Parkinson’s disease, the only definitive diagnosis is via autopsy, creating significant problems for clinical studies.)
  • How long does it take to measure the success or failure of a clinical therapy? (For Parkinson’s disease, the answer can be 5 years when evaluating a neuroprotective agent.)
  • Is there a clear path to and through the Food and Drug Administration?

SOURCE: Hood, 2008.

From: 1, Getting Started in Translational Research

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