BOX 6.2Outline of the Current Contract: Respective Expectations

University (CNR) Expectations

  1. $25 million—$5 million for each of five years—for unrestricted, largely faculty-allocated research (steering committees with some Novartis representatives).
  2. 33 percent of annual funds to overhead distributed to renovation, graduate program support, and general campus overhead support.
  3. Access to Novartis' agricultural genomic database (on a confidential basis).
  4. $3 million for a nearby Novartis facility with workstations to distribute proprietary agriculture genomic data and several Novartis staff members to provide technical guidance.
  5. Access for faculty and graduate students to Novartis personnel on informal basis.

Novartis Expectations

  1. Right of first negotiation to acquire a percentage (now approximately 30 percent) of discoveries that may result from research it helps to fund.
  2. Authorization to license commercial-viable discoveries (at their expense).
  3. Access informally for Novartis scientists to faculty and students.

From: 6, Diluting Public Patrimony or Inventive Response to Increasing Knowledge Asymmetries: Watershed for Land Grant Universities? Reflections on the University of California, Berkeley-Novartis Agreement

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