TABLE 4.1List of Proteins of Known Structure That Constitute the Validation Set

ProteinNresClassFold DescriptionName
3cti29smalldisulfide-bound fold, beta hairpin with adjacent disulfideTrypsin inhibitor from squash (Cucurbita maxima)
1ixa39smallEGF-like (disulfide-rich fold; nearly all beta)Factor IX from human (Homo sapiens)
protA47αThree-helix bundleProtein A
1gpt47smalldisulfide-bound fold, beta hairpin with adjacent disulfideGamma-thionine from barley (Hordeum vulgare)
1tfi50smallRubredoxin-like (metal-bound fold, with 2 CXXC motifs)Transcriptional factor SII from human (Homo sapiens)
6pti58smallBPTI-like (disulfide-rich α+β fold)Pancreatic trypsin inhibitor from bovine (Bos taurus)
1fas61smallSnake toxin-like (disulfide rich; nearly all beta)Fasciculin from green mamba (Dendroaspis angusticeps)
1shg62βSH3-1ike barrel (partly opened; n* = 4, S* = 8; meander)alpha-Spectrin, SH3 domain from chicken (Gallus gallus)
1cis66α+βCI-2 family (α+β sandwich; loop across free side of β)Hybrid protein from barley (Hordeum vulgare) hiproly strain
1ftz70αDNA-binding 3-helix bundle (right-handed twist; up-down)Fushi Tarazu protein from fruit fly (Drosophila melanogaster)
1pou71αDNA-binding domain (4 helices, folded leaf, closed)Oct-I POU-specific domain from human (Homo sapiens)
1c5a73αAnaphylotoxins (4 helices; irreg. array, disulfide linked)C5a anaphylotoxin from pig (Sus scrofa domestica)
3icb75αEF-hand (2 EF-hand connected with Ca bind loop)Calbindin D9K from bovine (Bos taurus)
1ubi76α+ββ-grasp (single-helix packs against β-sheet)Ubiquitin from human (Homo sapiens)
1lea84αDNA-binding 3-helix bundle (right-handed twist; up-down)LexA repressor, DNA-binding domain (Escherichia coli)
1ego85α/βThioredoxin-like (3 α/β/α layers; β-sheet order 4312)Glutaredoxin from bacteriophage t4
1hmd85αFour helical up-and-down bundle(left-handed twist)Hemerythrin from sipunculid worm (Themiste dyscrita)
1poh85α+βα+β sandwichHistidine-containing phosphocarrier proteins (Escherichia coli)
life100α+βIF3-1ike (β-α-β—α-β(2); 2 layers; mixed sheet 1243)Translation initiation factor IF3 from Escherichia coli

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