TABLE 5-1Reported Local and Perioperative Complications

Implant fibrous capsular contractureSkin rashes
Gel implant rupture (intra-and extracapsular)Skin blistering, cysts, and necrosis
Swelling of the breast
Gel migrationNipple or flap necrosis
Silicone granulomaImplant extrusion
Axillary adenopathyImplant misplacement
Silicone exudation through skin or nippleImplant shifting or displacement
Acute and chronic breast and chest wall pain
Saline implant deflation
Implant filler port or valve leakageLoss or change in sensation of the breast or nipple
Operative wound infection
Peri-implant infectionChest wall skeletal changes
Intra-implant infectionPneumothorax
Infection with toxic shock syndromePeri-implant calcification
Hemorrhage at the operative siteLactation and galactocele
Peri-implant hematoma or seroma

From: 5, Reoperations and Specific Local and Perioperative Complications

Cover of Safety of Silicone Breast Implants
Safety of Silicone Breast Implants.
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