TABLE B-1Symptoms Reported by Individual Women or Consumer Groups (not in order of prevalence or severity)

Chronic fatigueAllergic reactions
Sleep deprivation and disturbancesChemical and environmental sensitivities
Night sweatsSwallowing difficulty
Painful and weak muscles and jointsBurning or dry eyes
Swollen and tender glandsBlurred vision
Itching and burning skinLow blood pressure
PhotosensitivityCardiac arrhythmia and palpitations
Numbness and tingling in the extremitiesCold and flu like symptoms
Generalized pain and stiffness
Migraine or severe headachesSeizures
Memory loss and disorientationSkin tightening and discoloration
Cognitive disturbancesHigh blood pressure
NeuropathyHeart attacks
Vertigo and dizzinessShingles
Chest pain and tighteningDrooling
Breathing difficultiesPleuritis
Weight lossCandida and yeast infections
RashesOther fungal infections
Sicca syndromeRinging in ears
Menstrual dysfunctionLiver problems
Diarrhea or bowel irritationKeratoconjunctivitis
Low-grade feversAnemia
Tremors or twitchesInterstitial cystitis
Hair lossSystemic sclerosis
General and morning stiffnessBone cysts
XerostomiaChronic pancreatitis
Oral ulcerBack pain

From: B, Description of the Public Meeting

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