Table 39Maternal mortality for complications of pregnancy, childbirth, and the puerperium, by race, Hispanic origin, and age: United States, selected years 1950–2006

[Data are based on death certificates]

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Race, Hispanic origin, and age19501,219601,21970219802199022000320043,420053,420063,4
Number of deaths
All persons2,9601,579803334343396540623569
Black or African American1,041624342127153137214231218
American Indian or Alaska Native- - -- - -- - -346459
Asian or Pacific Islander- - -- - -- - -11913222729
Hispanic or Latina5- - -- - -- - -- - -47818095106
White, not Hispanic or Latina5- - -- - -- - -- - -125160225267210
All personsDeaths per 100,000 live births
All ages, age-adjusted673.732.
All ages, crude83.337.
Under 20 years70.722.718.97.67.5 *
20–24 years47.620.713.
25–29 years63.529.817.
30–34 years107.750.331.613.69.510.011.812.812.6
35 years and over7222.0104.381.936.320.722.728.238.029.3
All ages, age-adjusted653.122.414.
All ages, crude61.
Under 20 years44.914.813.85.8 * * * * *
20–24 years35.715.
25–29 years45.020.311.
30–34 years75.934.318.
35 years and over7174.173.959.325.512.618.022.028.920.5
Black or African American
All ages, age-adjusted6- - -92.065.524.921.720.132.331.728.7
All ages, crude- - -103.660.922.422.422.034.736.532.7
Under 20 years- - -54.832.313.1 * * * * *
20–24 years- - -56.941.913.914.715.327.918.217.8
25–29 years- - -92.865.222.414.921.838.637.136.0
30–34 years- - -150.6117.844.044.234.840.446.645.1
35 years and over7- - -299.5207.5100.679.762.879.2112.897.0
Hispanic or Latina5,8
All ages, age-adjusted6- - -- - -- - -- - -
All ages, crude- - -- - -- - -- - -
White, not Hispanic or Latina5
All ages, age-adjusted6- - -- - -- - -- - -
All ages, crude- - -- - -- - -- - -

- - - Data not available.

– Quantity zero.


Rates based on fewer than 20 deaths are considered unreliable and are not shown.


Includes deaths of persons who were not residents of the 50 states and the District of Columbia (D.C.).


Underlying cause of death was coded according to the Sixth Revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) in 1950, Seventh Revision in 1960, Eighth Revision in 1970, and Ninth Revision in 1980–1998. See Appendix II, Cause of death; tables IV and V.


Starting with 1999 data, cause of death is coded according to ICD–10. Major changes in the classification and coding of maternal deaths account for an increase in the number of maternal deaths under ICD–10. See Appendix II, Cause of death, Table V; Comparability ratio, Table VI; International Classification of Diseases (ICD); Maternal death.


Increases are due to methodological changes in reporting and data processing. See Appendix II, Maternal death.


Prior to 1997, excludes data from states lacking an Hispanic-origin item on the death certificate. See Appendix II, Hispanic origin.


Rates are age-adjusted to the 1970 distribution of live births by mother’s age in the United States. See Appendix II, Age adjustment; Table III.


Rates computed by relating deaths of women 35 years and over to live births to women 35–49 years. See Appendix II, Rate: Death and related rates.


Age-specific maternal mortality rates are not calculated because rates based on fewer than 20 deaths are considered unreliable.

NOTES: The race groups, white, black, Asian or Pacific Islander, and American Indian or Alaska Native, include persons of Hispanic and non-Hispanic origin. Persons of Hispanic origin may be of any race. For 1950 and 1960, rates were based on live births by race of child; for all other years, rates are based on live births by race of mother. In 2003, seven states reported multiple-race data. In 2004, 15 states reported multiple-race data. In 2005, 21 states and D.C. reported multiple-race data. In 2006, 25 states and D.C. reported multiple-race data. The multiple-race data for these states were bridged to the single-race categories of the 1977 Office of Management and Budget standards for comparability with other states. See Appendix II, Race. Rates are not calculated for American Indian or Alaska Native and Asian or Pacific Islander mothers because rates based on fewer than 20 deaths are considered unreliable. Data for additional years are available. See Appendix III.

SOURCES: CDC/NCHS, National Vital Statistics System; numerator data from annual mortality files; denominator data from annual natality files; Heron MP, Hoyert DL, Murphy SL, Xu J, Kochanek KD, Tejada-Vera B. Deaths: Final Data for 2006. National vital statistics reports. Vol 57 no 14. Hyattsville, MD: NCHS. 2009.

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