Table VCause-of-death codes, by applicable revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD)

Cause of death (tenth revision titles)Sixth and seventh revisionsEighth revisionNinth revisionTenth revision
Communicable diseases. . .. . .001–139, 460–466, 480–487, 771.3A00–B99, J00–J22
Chronic and noncommunicable diseases. . .. . .140–459, 470–478, 490–799C00–I99, J30–R99
Meningococcal infection. . .. . .036A39
Septicemia. . .. . .038A40–A41
Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) disease1. . .. . .*042–*044B20–B24
Malignant neoplasms140–205140–209140–208C00–C97
 Colon, rectum, and anus153–154153–154153, 154C18–C21
 Trachea, bronchus, and lung162–163162162C33–C34
In situ neoplasms and benign neoplasms. . .. . .210–239D00–D48
Diabetes mellitus260250250E10–E14
Anemias. . .. . .280–285D50–D64
Meningitis. . .. . .320–322G00, G03
Alzheimer’s disease. . .. . .331G30
Diseases of heart400–402, 410–443390–398, 402, 404, 410–429390–398, 402, 404, 410–429I00–I09, I11, I13, I20–I51
 Ischemic heart disease. . .. . .410–414, 429.2I20–I25
Cerebrovascular diseases330–334430–438430–434, 436–438I60–I69
Atherosclerosis. . .. . .440I70
Influenza and pneumonia480–483, 490–493470–474, 480–486480–487J10–J18
Chronic lower respiratory diseases241, 501, 502, 527.1490–493, 519.3490–494, 496J40–J47
Chronic liver disease and cirrhosis581571571K70, K73–K74
Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and nephrosis. . .. . .580–589N00–N07, N17–N19, N25–N27
Pregnancy, childbirth, and the puerperium640–689630–678630–676A34, O00–O95, O98–O99
Congenital malformations, deformations, and chromosomal abnormalities. . .. . .740–759Q00–Q99
Certain conditions originating in the perinatal period. . .. . .760–779P00–P96
 Newborn affected by maternal complications of pregnancy. . .. . .761P01
 Newborn affected by complications of placenta, cord, and membranes. . .. . .762P02
 Disorders related to short gestation and low birthweight, not elsewhere classified. . .. . .765P07
 Birth trauma. . .. . .767P10–P15
 Intrauterine hypoxia and birth asphyxia. . .. . .768P20–P21
 Respiratory distress of newborn. . .. . .769P22
Sudden infant death syndrome. . .. . .798.0R95
Injuries2. . .. . .E800–E869, E880–E929, E950–E999*U01–*U03, V01–Y36, Y85–Y87, Y89
Unintentional injuries3E800–E936, E960–E965E800–E929, E940–E946E800–E869, E880–E929V01–X59, Y85–Y86
 Motor vehicle-related injuries3E810–E835E810–E823E810–E825V02–V04, V09.0, V09.2, V12–V14, V19.0–V19.2, V19.4–V19.6, V20–V79, V80.3–V80.5, V81.0–V81.1, V82.0–V82.1, V83–V86, V87.0–V87.8, V88.0–V88.8, V89.0, V89.2
 Poisoning.E870–E888, E890–E895E850–E877E850–E869X40–X49
Suicide2E963, E970–E979E950–E959E950–E959*U03, X60–X84, Y87.0
Homicide2E964, E980–E983E960–E969E960–E969*U01–*U02, X85–Y09, Y87.1
Injury by firearms. . .E922, E955, E965, E970, E985E922, E955.0–E955.4, E965.0–E965.4, E970, E985.0–E985.4*U01.4, W32–W34, X72–X74, X93–X95, Y22–Y24, Y35.0

. . . Cause-of-death codes are not provided for causes not shown in Health, United States.


Categories for coding human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection were introduced in 1987. The asterisk (*) indicates codes that are not part of the ninth revision.


Starting with 2001 data, NCHS introduced categories *U01–*U03 for classifying and coding deaths due to acts of terrorism. The asterisk (*) indicates codes that are not part of the tenth revision.


In the public health community, the term unintentional injuries is preferred to accidents, and the term motor vehicle-related injuries is preferred to motor vehicle accidents.

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From: Appendix II, Definitions and Methods

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