Full-text review form (Originally in EXCEL)

BAuthor, year
CReviewer Initials
DAbstract only
EWrong population (non-US)
FWrong Outcomes (no patient related health or economic outcomes)
GStudy not about CHW
HWrong publication type (review or letter to the editor)
ISample size too small (<40)
JNo comparison arm/data
KComparison arm/data not about CHW or CHW alone
LCHW component insufficiently described to distinguish between CHW and other peer led models
NExclude but save for background, cost, training or setting, pick one! (only if yes for at least one column D-M)
OShould be included for KQ 4a (What are characteristics of training for community health workers in the outpatient setting?)
PShould be included!
QNeed more information
RRelated citations
SLeft blank
THow do community health workers interact with clients? Specifically, what is the place of service, type of service, type of educational materials used, duration of interaction with clients, and length of followup?
UWhat is the impact of community health workers on outcomes, particularly knowledge, behavior, satisfaction, health outcomes, and health care utilization?
VWhat is known about the cost-effectiveness of community health workers for improving health outcomes?
WAre particular training characteristics associated with improved outcomes for patients?
XStudy design
YComparisons (identify arms)
ZHealth condition of interest
AAName of intervention
ABNotes- including additional citations

From: Appendix B, Abstract Forms

Cover of Outcomes of Community Health Worker Interventions
Outcomes of Community Health Worker Interventions.
Evidence Reports/Technology Assessments, No. 181.
Viswanathan M, Kraschnewski J, Nishikawa B, et al.

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