Table K-1Nonclinical factors as predictors of trial of labor

Author, YearCharacteristicAdjusted odds ratio for TOL95% CI
Site of Care (volume of deliveries)
Hueston, 19947252 women with prior CD/2y1.00Referent
135 women with prior CD/2 y0.460.29–0.74
179 women with prior CD/2 y0.570.38–0.85
193 women with prior CD/2y0.380.25–0.56
Hospital Level
Cameron, 20041Level 6 (Perinatal center)1.00Referent
Level 5 (High-risk care)1.221.09–1.37
Level 4 (moderate-risk care)0.900.81–0.99
Level 1–3 (Rural)*0.660.58–0.74
McMahon, 19962Tertiary Care1.00Referent
Regional Hospital0.500.50–0.60
Community Hospital0.400.30–0.50
Private Insurance
Hueston, 19947Yes0.520.35–70

96 percent rural hospitals

Abbreviations: CD=cesarean delivery; CI=confidence interval; TOL=trial of labor; y=year(s)

From: Appendix K, Detailed Evaluation of Predictors of Trial of Labor and Vaginal Birth After Cesarean

Cover of Vaginal Birth After Cesarean: New Insights
Vaginal Birth After Cesarean: New Insights.
Evidence Reports/Technology Assessments, No. 191.
Guise JM, Eden K, Emeis C, et al.

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