Table 6Comparators assessed in the randomized controlled trials

Cancer type and centerComparisonNSurvival [Overall/specific]
Ocular (uveal melanoma)
MGH (US)47Higher vs. lower dose proton RT188No/No
UCSF (US)48,49Helium RT vs. I-125 brachytherapy136; 184Yes/Yes
Orsay (France)50Proton RT vs. proton RT + laser TTT151Yes/Yes
Head/neck (skull base chordoma/chondrosarcoma)
MGH (US)51Higher vs. lower dose proton RT96Yes/No
Head/neck (brain glioblastoma)
UCSF (US)52Higher vs. lower dose proton RT15Yes/Yes
GI (pancreatic cancer)
UCSF (US)53Helium RT vs. photon RT49Yes/Yes
MGH & LLU (US)33Photon RT + standard dose proton vs. Photon RT + high dose proton393Yes/Yes
MGH (US)54,55Photon RT + local photon boost vs. Photon RT + local proton boost202; 191Yes/Yes

GI: Gastrointestinal; RT: radiotherapy; TTT: transpupillary thermotherapy

From: Results

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