Cover of Particle Beam Radiation Therapies for Cancer

Particle Beam Radiation Therapies for Cancer

Comparative Effectiveness Technical Briefs, No. 1

Investigators: , MD, PhD, , MD, , MD, , MD, and , MD.

Tufts Medical Center Evidence-based Practice Center
Rockville (MD): Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (US); .
Report No.: 09-EHC019-EF


Radiotherapy with charged particles can potentially deliver maximal doses while minimizing irradiation of surrounding tissues. It may be more effective or less harmful than other forms of radiotherapy for some cancers. Currently, seven centers in the United States have facilities for particle (proton) irradiation, and at least four are under construction, each costing between $100 and $225 million. The aim of this Technical Brief was to survey the evidence on particle beam radiotherapy.