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dbSNP Submission Processing and the “Hold Until Published” (HUP) Policy

What is dbSNP’s Hold Until Published (HUP) policy?

For standard dbSNP email submissions, dbSNP doesn't have a "hold until published" policy (as noted on dbSNP web site), and will not hold data for a submitter to be released on a particular date or in a particular dbSNP build. If, however, your manuscript requires dbSNP accession numbers (ss numbers) for the review process, we can hold the submitted data until the publication is accepted and the submitter has given us notification that dbSNP may release the data. dbSNP will then attempt to release the data during the next build release cycle after the notification.

The normal dbSNP build cycle is between 6-8 weeks, but can be longer depending on how long it takes to complete the dbSNP pipeline.

Please Note: There is a separate HUP policy for clinical submissions made through the Variation Batch Submission web form



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