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What Triggers a New Build?

What triggers a new Rs_update_build number assignment?

Below is a list of events that can trigger a new Rs_update_build number assignment:


When a new ss is added to the cluster or when other rs merges into the cluster.


When a member ss has new genotype/frequency data.


When the data of an individual sample is updated, and that update effects frequency computation (e.g., merging individual ID numbers, when new pedigree and founder information is obtained).


When a submitter updates information regarding a submitted SNP (ss) within the cluster.


When there are mapping changes (although refSNP (rs) gene feature(s) and contig mapping may remain the same between two different genome builds, the rs chromosome position will probably change).


mRNA or feature annotation changes (even if the SNP location on the contig remains the same, if the gene model annotation changes, then the SNP functional class may change).

Tracking changes of refSNP properties between builds is a multi-faceted process. The current "last updated build" notice refers only to the last time events 1, 2, 3, or 4 occurred. The SNPdev group will discuss this question and determine to the best way to track SNP changes. In the meantime, I suggest that you check all SNPs of interest in each new build. (1/9/06)


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