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Discrepancies between FTP Documentation and Data Dictionary

Your descriptions of mapweight in the FTP README for Chromosome Reports and for SNPMapInfo in the data dictionary are contradictory. Which is correct?

The definitions of map weight for chromosome reports and database tables are indeed different:

Chromosome ReportsDatabase Tables
Mapweight 1 = UnmappedMapweight 1 = SNP aligns exactly at one locus
Mapweight 2 = Mapped to single position in genomeMapweight 2 = SNP aligns at two locus on same chromosome
Mapweight 3 = Mapped to 2 positions on a single chromosomeMapweight 3 = SNP aligns at less than 10 locus
Mapweight 4 = Mapped to 3-10 positions in genome (possible paralog hits)
Mapweight 5 = Mapped to >10 positions in genomeMapweight 10= SNP aligns at more than 10 locations

The mapweight definitions for the database are different for historical reasons, so both definition series are correct: The mapweights defined in the chromosome reports section of the FTP README are true for chromosome reports, and the definitions given for the database tables in the database dictionary are true for all FTP data table files. (07/14/08)


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