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Shojania KG, Sampson M, Ansari MT, et al. Updating Systematic Reviews. Rockville (MD): Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (US); 2007 Sep. (Technical Reviews, No. 16.)

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Updating Systematic Reviews.

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We would like to acknowledge the guidance and expertise contributed to this project by the Technical Expert Panel members:

  • David Atkins - Chief Medical Officer, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
  • Paul Shekelle - RAND (USA)
  • Evelyn P. Whitlock - Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research (USA)
  • Cynthia Mulrow - University of Texas, San Antonio and Annals of Internal Medicine (USA)
  • Doug Altman - Center for Statistics in Medicine (UK)
  • Martin Eccles - Center for Health Services Research, Newcastle University (UK)
  • P.J. Devereaux - McMaster University Health Sciences Centre (CAN)

We would like to acknowledge the contributions of members of the University of Ottawa Evidence-based Practice Center and others. Many of these researchers made significant contributions to portions of the project.

  • Lorri Puil, Director of Systematic Reviews, Chalmers Research Group, for support and supervision of research staff
  • Keith O'Rourke and Nicholas J Barrowman, for statistical advice
  • Andrea Tricco for guidance with survey methods
  • Alexander Tsertsvadze, for early methodological discussions and assistance with screening
  • Tanya Armour, for mentorship of team members
  • Jessie McGowan, for guidance with search method development
  • Raymond Daniel, for search assistance and document acquisition
  • Alla E. Iansavichene, for search assistance and data quality management
  • Mary Ocampo, for technical and administrative assistance
  • Alison Jenkins, for development of the meta-analytic Excel worksheet


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