Table 28Summary of interventions assessing QOL for children with asthma and caregivers

ReferenceEvidence TablesDuration of Follow upCaregiver QOL assessedType of interventionQOL Result
Brown et al.90 Table 12a 12 months after interventionHome-based asthma education of low-income parents of children in pre-school.Education group experiences better caregiver QOL among those children aged 1–3 but not those children aged 4–6.90
Butz et al.95 Table 12a 10 months after enrollmentParent and child asthma education.No differences in caregiver or child QOL.95
Chan57 Table 21 6 monthsChild asthma education online vs. outpatient education.There were no differences between the groups at the end of for QOL.57
Eggleston et al.98 Table 12a 12 months after interventionHome-based parent or caregiver asthma education of parents in the inner-city.There were no difference in QOL scores.98
González-Martin et al.115 Table 12d Table 24 2 months after enrollmentOrganizational change and patient education provided by pharmacists.There were no differences in any domains of health-related QOL.115
Henry et al.105 Table 12b Table 12c 6 months after interventionSchool-based patient education program for adolescents.Compared with control students, intervention students had small but significant improvements in total QOL (p=0.003).105
Kamps et al.117, 118 Table 12d Table 24 12 monthsOrganizational change and patient education intervention comparing care by a pediatrician or specialist asthma nurse.There was no difference between children receiving asthma care from a pediatrician than from a nurse specialist in terms of disease-specific QOL.117
Mangione-Smith et al.242 Table 24 16 months after the interventionOrganizational change strategy in which intervention clinics participated in a collaborative.Intervention children were more likely to have higher QOL scores (p=0.03).242
Runge et al.52 Table 11 Table 12d 6 months after enrollmentSelf-monitoring, self-management, and patient education program. One arm evaluated the use of an internet-based education program.Significant improvements were seen in 3 of 8 QOL domains in both intervention groups but not in the CG.52
Salisbury et al.108 Table 12b Table 12c Table 24 6 monthsSchool-based, nurse led education and asthma care clinics for adolescents.There was no significant difference between groups in terms of health related QOL. 108
Shames et al.58 Table 12d 12 monthsPatient education program including the use of a video game.There were some improvements in health related QOL in the intervention group.58
Stevens et al. 103 Table 12a 12 monthsParent or caregiver education for parents of children in pre-school.There was no significant difference between the groups in parental/caregiver QOL.103
Walders et al.59 Table 21 12 months after enrollmentPediatric self-monitoring, self-management, and education program.There was no difference between groups in terms of QOL (both groups improved over baseline).59
Wensley and Silverman63 Table 21 3 monthsPF-based vs. symptom-based self-management programs.There was no difference between groups in child or caregiver QOL.63

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