Table H1aAssociation between maximum improvements in provider adherence and type of quality improvement strategy stratified by study sample size (median adherence included for comparison)

Median Improvement in clinician adherenceMaximum Improvement in provider adherence
[inter-quartile range][inter-quartile range]
N=Number of trialsN=Number of trials
All TrialsAll TrialsTrials with sample size in lowest quartileTrials with sample size in lower 2 quartilesTrials with sample size in upper 2 quartilesTrials with sample size in highest quartile
All QI types 4.811.621.825.911.010.8
[3.8, 15.0][7.0, 23.7][21.4,30.9][21.2,37.5][6.5,13.5][6.5,12.6]
Provider Education 5.621.821.830.011.311.3
[4.15, 17.2][11.3,28.5][21.4,30.9][21.8,40.0][11.0,2.07][10.9,14.6]
Provider Reminders 3.411.0————11.013.0
[2.2, 3.6][10.8,13.2][10.8,13.2][10.5,15.4]
Facilitated relay 4.854.85——4.85————
Patient Education——
[4.7, 5.4][5.4,23.0]——[4.9,40.0]——
Self-management 6.06.0————6.0——
Patient reminders
Audit & feedback 5.615.421.831.811.611.6
[3.4, 16.4][11.0,23.7]——[21.8,41.7][11.0,19.6][11.0,15.4]
Organizational Change
[4.1, 5.7][5.3,10.0]——[4.9,30.0][5.8,8.0][5.0,7.0]

For each study, the general provider adherence outcome captured the adherence outcome with the median effect size reported by that study. In this set of appendix tables, we show the results obtained if, instead of taking the outcome with median effect, one selects the outcome with maximum effect (i.e., the outcome for which the intervention group showed the greatest increase in adherence above any increases in the control group).


When N=2, square brackets show the actual results of each study rather than interpolated 25 and 75 percentiles.

From: Appendix H, Additional tables for diabetes results and analysis

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Closing the Quality Gap: A Critical Analysis of Quality Improvement Strategies (Vol. 2: Diabetes Care).
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Shojania KG, Ranji SR, Shaw LK, et al.

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