Quality Score Predicted Ranks Bootstrap Ranks
Institution Maximum Minimum 1st Quartile 3rd Quartile 1st Quartile 3rd Quartile
Dartmouth College2.732.5173765362
Boston University2.702.4277804852
Brandeis University3.172.8849513236
Harvard University4.414.098924
Massachusetts Inst of Technology5.274.932234
U of Massachusetts at Amherst3.403.1138405460
Northeastern University2.412.13991037080
Brown University4.604.31562629
Brown University-Applied Math4.594.26661417
University of Rhode Island1.691.40128129122125
University of Connecticut2.662.39798398102
Wesleyan University2.312.09104107101110
Yale University3.383.13384078
Adelphi University1.070.82138138130133
CUNY—Grad Sch & Univ Center3.383.1040413032
Clarkson University2.492.219094109118
Columbia University4.323.9911111012
Cornell University4.814.46341416
New York University4.834.503478
Polytechnic University2.151.8811211498105
Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst3.643.3627304852
University of Rochester3.102.8352545662
State Univ of New York-Albany2.552.3385888290
State Univ of New York-Binghamton2.552.3385876575
State Univ of New York-Buffalo3.002.7657596170
State Univ of New York-Stony Brook3.603.3130321922
Syracuse University2.422.18951007684
Princeton University4.524.217723
Rutgers State Univ-New Brunswick4.063.7716181720
Stevens Inst of Technology1.731.48127127121128
Carnegie Mellon University3.633.3328313440

From: G, Technical and Statistical Techniques

Cover of Assessing Research-Doctorate Programs
Assessing Research-Doctorate Programs: A Methodology Study.
National Research Council (US) Committee to Examine the Methodology for the Assessment of Research-Doctorate Programs; Ostriker JP, Kuh CV, editors.
Washington (DC): National Academies Press (US); 2003.
Copyright © 2003, National Academy of Sciences.

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