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NCBI News, May 2013

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Need to Find Information about Genetic Tests? Try GTR!

Monday, May 13, 2013

A change in how people find information about genetic tests is imminent. On February 29, 2012, NIH's Genetic Testing Registry (GTR) was launched to provide access to a central repository for genetic testing information and to make it easier for clinicians to navigate the rapidly changing landscape of genetic tests. The GeneTests Laboratory Directory, long a source of information for clinicians, has been used by laboratories to seed information in GTR. NIH will no longer support the GeneTests website as of June 4, 2013. GeneReviews continues to be available through NCBI's Bookshelf and throughout GTR.

GTR is a free online resource that provides centralized access to comprehensive genetic test information voluntarily submitted by test providers. The entries listed in GTR include clinical and research tests for heritable mutations, including pharmacogenetic tests and tests using complex arrays and multiplex panels. GTR provides a wide range of information such as the test purpose and methods; the molecular, cytogenetic and biochemical test targets; evidence of clinical validity and clinical utility; ordering information; and laboratory credentials and contact information.

Currently there are over 3,700 registered tests for over 2300 conditions and 3300 genes in GTR.

Take a look at NIH's Genetic Testing Registry or watch a YouTube video to see how you can Locate a Genetic Test in Under Three Minutes!

RefSeq Release 59 is Available for FTP

Friday, May 03, 2013

The complete RefSeq release 59 contains 39,040,745 sequence records for 31,593,499 proteins, 3,579,371 RNAs, and sequences from 24,656 different organisms. Check out RefSeq's homepage to learn more about The Project and see the Release statistics file or Release notes for more information about this particular release.

New YouTube Video: Complying with the NIH Public Access Policy with My Bibliography

Thursday, May 02, 2013

NIH-funded researchers are required to comply with the NIH Public Access Policy. NCBI's My Bibliography was developed to assist scientists and their delegates in linking funding information with their citations. A new NCBI YouTube video about the use of My Bibliography for Public Access Compliance is available for more information and a demonstration.